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1. The current situation is getting better, and Im convinced that economy will _______ soon despite the trade war between China and America.

A. put up    B. pick up

C. set up   D. turn up

2. The laptops made by our company sell best, but nobody could have guessed the place in the market that they _______ 20 years ago.

A. had    B. were having

C. were to have  D. had had

3. Frankly speaking, I am not sure whether I _______ this in the old days with that kind of equipment, which looks quite odd and ridiculous.

A. should have done B. need have done

C. would have done D. must have done

4. I hope that we will be able to make it through the tough times and back to the business of working together _______our common goals.

A. on behalf of   B. in honour of

C. on top of   D. in search of

5. Instead of looking at the failure as a punishment, youre supposed to start all over and rebuild your life from _______ .

A. sympathy   B. sacrifice

C. squeeze    D. scratch

6. Nowadays, job seekers focus more on_______they can realize their full potential in their new jobs instead of putting salary in the first place.

A. whether    B. why

C. that    D. what

7. Concern is growing over the number of children _______ from school because of bad behavior.

A. induced    B. excluded

C. transferred  D. selected

8. As the town_______any entertaining places to go, we spent the evening treating the foreign friends to some real Chinese food yesterday.

A. wouldnt have  B. didnt have

C. doesnt have  D. hadnt had

9. I have been very careful about spending money lately, so now my account is_______ .

A. tickled pink    B. in the red

C. green with envy D. in the black

10. The process of the files used to be done _______ , but now the company has purchased a software to deal with.

A. artificially   B. manually

C. authentically  D. confidentially

11. Chinas Beidou navigation satellite system, whose positioning _______ will reach 2.5 meters by 2020, will soon provide services to more countries.

A. accuracy   B. category

C. function    D. reference

12. For most of the year since Trumps election won, his pronouncements have commanded the publics attention _______ an unexpected announcement does on a long plane ride.

A. in case     B. the way

C. so that    D. for fear that

13. As is true in life, there are always some obstacles in the way, something _______ before we realize the real goal of education.

A. to be got through

B. got through

C. getting through

D. having been got through

14. _______ the large volume of letters he receives, Dave sometimes regrets he is unable to answer all of them personally.

A. Apart from   B. Regardless of

C. Due to    D. In favor of

15. —You are ambitious enough to get hired by that big corporation.

— _______. Fortune may smile on me some day.

A. I hope so   B. It depends

C. You never know D. Thats nothing


I began my career in Washington, DC working as an educator in a small museum. I was only in my position for 7 months, when I was suddenly  16  due to budget cuts. To pay my bills, while I looked for a  17  position, I was employed as a(n)  18  employee in a variety of office settings.

It was during that time that I learned about  19  in the workplace. As a temporary stall member, I was often treated very  20 , probably largely due to the bad reputation that temporaries have for being  21 . However, unlike the typical temporary worker, I arrived on time, took  22  from senior staff, and did my work immediately every day,  23  experiencing some most disrespectful treatment of my working career.

I remember a time working as an  24  to female vice president of a large government agency, I was often left alone all day in the office with no  25 . The vice president was often out of the office, but never bothered to let me  26 , so I would wait half the day for her to arrive and give me an assignment. When she did arrive, she usually sent me to  27  files from various companies. One time, I confused one of the names that she mentioned and brought the  28  file. She and her staff ended up  29  me instead of simply correcting me.

When I  30  found a full-time position in my chosen field, the first thing I swore to do was treat everyone I  31  with respect,  32  for the entire year when I was a temporary, I  33  what it was like to be disrespected, and I swore never to treat anyone like that.

34 , I had to be disrespected to learn the importance of respect in the workplace. Looking back, it was a tough lesson to learn, but Im  35  I did.

16. A. dropped off B. laid off

C. put off D. let off

17. A. new B. social

C. flexible D. different

18. A. voluntary B. arbitrary

C. casual D. primary

19. A. devotion B. honesty

C. patience D. respect

20. A. tentatively B. illegally

C. poorly D. secretly

21. A. unfortunate B. useless

C. irresponsible D. fearless

22. A. orders B. rules

C. awards D. actions

23. A. besides B. despite

C. through D. beyond

24. A. accountant B. applicant

C. assistant D. agent

25. A. value B. wisdom

C. sound D. work

26. A. smile B. rest

C. change D. know

27. A. figure out  B. get back

C. give back   D. pick out

28. A. random B. artificial

C. wrong D. alternative

29. A. teasing B. confusing

C. cheating D. betraying

30. A. hopefully B. officially

C. gradually D. finally

31. A. contacted B. recognized

C. employed D. adore

32. A. when B. because

C. though D. unless

33. A. limited B. appreciated

C. experienced D. picked

34. A. Thankfully B. Sadly

C. Practically D. Unbearably

35. A. glad B. aware

C. ashamed D. relaxed



AHN is the only standards based nationally focused homestay organization in Australia. We have decades of experience in managing homestays for international students, using proven methods, standards, training, and a communications network to ensure that every student, and every host, has a safe, culturally rich experience. Our hosts offer more than rooms for rent; they offer a support system and authentic interest in welcoming a student to Australia.

Superior Homestay Experiences

We believe that choosing a homestay for accommodation when coming to a new country ensures a more successful experience for international students. Our students can expect to enjoy a supportive, friendly home while adjusting to Australian culture and the community they will be living in. Our program includes:

* Homestay management and support throughout the entire homestay experience

* Extensive national criminal background checks for hosts

* Student support services including banking and transportation

* Comprehensive on line training and orientation for hosts and students

* Professionally staffed 24/7 critical incident contact centre

* Management of all homestay payments for students and hosts

How Our Homestays Work

AHN will match each student with a host family located near the students place of education. The host will provide the student with a private bedroom, an agreed upon meal plan, and will assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with the Australian way of life. Students are encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries, as our hosts also wish to have a unique cultural experience.

Our Hosts

Our hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also welcoming. Our hosts are truly interested in enjoying a shared cultural experience with their students. We conduct national criminal background checks, in-home interviews, and complete home inspections. We stay in contact with both the host and the student during the homestay period. We want all visiting students to have the most positive experience possible when beginning their educational journey in Australia.

36. To be a homestay host, one should    .

A. be familiar with the students home-country culture

B. be committed to the students academic development

C. be ready to expose the student to local culture

D. be able to provide free meals and transportation

37. Whats the purpose of the passage?

A. To encourage students to study in Australia.

B. To advertise houses to international students.

C. To share a cultural exchange experience.

D. To promote an Australian homestay program.


For centuries, medical pioneers have refined a variety of methods and medicines to treat sickness, injury, and disability, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives.

“A salamander (a small lizard-like animal) can grow back its leg. Why cant a human do the same?” asked Peruvian-born surgeon Dr. Anthony Atala in a recent interview. The question, a reference to work aiming to grow new limbs for wounded soldiers, captures the inventive spirit of regenerative medicine. This innovative field seeks to provide patients with replacement body parts.

These parts are not made of steel; they are the real things—living cells, tissue, and even organs.

Regenerative medicine is still mostly experimental, with clinical applications limited to procedures such as growing sheets of skin on burns and wounds. One of its most significant advances took place in 1999,when a research group at North Carolinas Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine conducted a successful organ replacement with a laboratory-grown bladder. Since then, the team, led by Dr. Atala, has continued to generate a variety of other tissues and organs—from kidneys to ears.

The field of regenerative medicine builds on work conducted in the early twentieth century with the first successful transplants of donated human soft tissue and bone. However, donor organs are not always the best option. First of all, they are in short supply, and many people die while waiting for an available organ; in the United States alone, more than 100,000 people are waiting for organ transplants. Secondly, a patients body may ultimately reject the transplanted donor organ. An advantage of regenerative medicine is that the tissues are grown from a patients own cells and will not be rejected by the bodys immune system.

Today, several labs are working to create bioartificial body parts. Scientists at Columbia and Yale Universities have grown a jawbone and a lung. At the University of Minnesota, Doris Taylor has created a beating bioartificial rat heart. Dr. Atalas medical team has reported long-term success with bioengineered bladders implanted into young patients with spina bifida (a birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spinal cord). And at the University of Michigan, H. David Humes has created an artificial kidney.

So far, the kidney procedure has only been used successfully with sheep, but there is hope that one day similar kidney will be implantable in a human patient. The continuing research of scientists such as these may eventually make donor organs unnecessary and, as a result, significantly increase individualschances of survival.

38. In the latest field of regenerative medicine, what are replacement parts made of?

A. Donated cells, tissues and organs.

B. Rejected cells, tissues and organs.

C. Cells, tissues and organs of ones own.

D. Cells, tissues and organs made of steel.

39. What have scientists experimented successfully on for a bioartificial kidney?

A. Patients. B. Rats.

C. Sheep. D. Soldiers.

40. Why is generative medicine considered innovative?

A. It will provide patients with replacement soft tissues.

B. It will strengthen the human bodys immune system.

C. It will shorten the time patients waiting for a donated organ.

D. It will make patients live longer with bioartificial organs.

41. What is the writers attitude towards regenerative medicine?

A. Positive. B. Negative.

C. Doubtful. D. Reserved.


She almost did not run. Christine Williams admits that now. She could barely put one foot after another following the wake(守靈) for her sister, who had died in an automobile accident. But she did run. With the cheers of friends and strangers reaching her heart, Williams set a C.W. Post record in Boston. Now she will run again, in the national Division II cross-country championships in Evansville, Ind. She wanted to be sure she was doing the right thing by running. She was the middle of three sisters, between Kerry, who is 25, and Jennifer, who was 18.

Just going through any motions was hard enough, but Christine Williams wanted to know if she should put on her uniform and her shoes and run through the woods on an autumn afternoon, in the awful gaping time between her sisters wake and her funeral. “I kind of got upset beforehand.” Williams admitted. Not a chatterbox under normal conditions, she now holds herself the best way she can, the fewer words the better. She almost walked away from the start line. But her friend Angela Toscano, who had flown up to Boston with her, directly from the wake, was standing near the line and talked her through it. “She said my sister would have wanted me to run.” Christine said. And that was enough to get her started.

The accident happened just after midnight on Nov, 4. Four young women were driving in an unfamiliar area of Long Island in Eastport, N.Y., when one of them apparently ran a yield sign, and the car was hit by another vehicle. Heather Brownrigg and Jennifer Williams died, and their friends April Brown and Kaci Moran were treated at a hospital and released.

The crash made the papers. April Brown was charged with drunken driving and driving without a license.

The wake began on Nov. 6. The next day Christine was to run with the Post cross-country team at the regional meet. Rich Degnan, the Post coach, and Post officials offered a car service and tickets on the last flight-to Boston for Christine and Toscano. When they arrived at the hotel, the entire team was waiting up for her.

Everybody knew about it at the regional meet. Degnan had to arrange for the flexibility of an alternate, just in case Christine could not go. Several times during the race, Christine felt she could not continue. But then she heard her friends and all those other people, those strangers from other colleges, calling her name. She thought about Jennifer. And she ran. She finished fourth in 22 minutes 58 seconds, breaking the Post record for the 6-kilometer distance by 15 seconds. And although the Post team didnt qualify for the nationals, Christine did.

42. The efforts Christines Post team made for her include the following EXCEPT    .

A. offering car service and flight tickets to Boston

B. arranging for a substitute for her beforehand

C. taking care of her food and uniforms

D. cheering for her during the race

43. We can learn from the passage that    .

A. Christines two sisters were killed in the accident

B. Christines athletic performance stood out in the race

C. Christine flew to Boston after her sisters funeral

D. Christine broke the Post record in national meet in Boston

44. What is the crucial factor contributing to Christines success in the race?

A. Diligent practice. B. Excellent coaching.

C. Good relationships. D. Firm determination.


“What defines you?” Thats what Lizzie Velasquez asked the crowds of people who came to hear her motivational speeches.

Due to a rare syndrome(綜合症), from the second when Velasquez was born incredibly ugly, the doctors prepared her parents to accept absolutely nothing out of her, no crying, no walking, no crawling and literally nothing. But her parents decided to take her home, love her and raise her the best as they could. They brought her up completely normally, so normally that when she started kindergarten she had no clue that she was different.

Unfortunately, she had to find it out in a way like a big slap of reality for a 5-year-old. No one wanted to play with her or stand by her. No one wanted to have a single thing to do with her. As a little girl, she couldnt understand, because she was raised still normally. So she had to go home and ask her parents. And they encouraged her to go back to school and be herself so eventually everyone would see she was just like them. So again, at such a young age, she was forced to a situation where she could either choose to be happy or choose to give up. Luckily, she chose to be happy.

When she was in high school, one day she was shocked to click on one video of herself labeled “the Worlds Ugliest Woman”, which was only 8 seconds long but had over 4 million views. The comments that went along were horrible. “Why would her parents keep her?!” read one; “Kill it with fire!” said another. And they continued on and on. She wanted to fight back at some of the commentators, like one specifically who told her to put a gun to her head and kill herself. So again, she was put in the position to choose happiness or to choose to give up.

And again with the help of family, Velasquez found the strength to channel the hatred into motivation and to rise above the cruelty. At that moment, she was going to let her goals, her success and her accomplishments be the things that define her, not her outer appearance, not the doctors who said she would accomplish nothing or those people who called her a monster.

She decided to be a motivational speaker and 2013 was the eighth year of her motivational speaking. She decided to write a book. During her first year in college, she published her first book Lizzie is beautiful in English and Spanish and then the second one Be beautiful, be you and then the third. She decided to graduate from college and she got her degree from Texas State University in May, 2013. One of the biggest motivations for her to accomplish all those things was that Youtube video. She will go back to that video and look at every hateful and nasty comment and it will inspire her to keep going and work even harder.

Lizzie Velasquez once made the headlines as the worlds ugliest woman, but she finally shrugged off the hurtful comments about her looks as just words. Now, she is not letting anything or anyone hold her back and is using her devotion to religion to help diminish the hatred that comes her way by overriding it with an inspirational message of love and acceptance. She has resolved to take charge of her life by killing the negativity with ambition and is consistently redefining what it means to be beautiful on her own terms. And she wins!

45. Reactions towards Velasquezs appearance are as follows EXCEPT    .

A. the doctors advised accepting nothing out of her

B. her parents decided to bring her up as normal

C. her classmates refused to keep her company

D. netizens intentionally pushed her to kill herself

46. According to Velasquez, what is the best response to those who commented bitterly online?

A. Fighting right back.

B. Deleting the comments.

C. Turning to her family.

D. Making achievements.

47. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph probably means   .

A. she could be easily set off by those hurtful comments

B. she painfully managed to focus on her achievements

C. she didnt care about those hurtful comments eventually

D. she felt sad whenever looking back on the hurtful words

48. Which of the following can best describe Velasquez?

A. Optimistic and determined.

B. Flexible and sympathetic.

C. Diligent and outspoken.

D. Brave and considerate.

49. The sentence “At that point she was deciding how she was going to revenge(报复) and finally she decided to fight back in a different way.” can be put at the end of Paragraph    .

A. 3 B. 4

C. 5 D. 6

50. What is the best title of the passage?

A. Appearance: something to define you

B. Velasquez: a brave and beautiful heart

C. Achievement: something to support you

D. Speech: a way to make you stronger



Deep reading, as opposed to superficial (shallow) reading we do on the Web, is an endangered practice, one we ought to take steps to preserve as we would a historic building or a significant work of art.

Recent research has illustrated that deep reading, characterized as a unique experience different kind from the mere understanding of words, is slow, immersive (沉浸的), rich in sensory detail and emotional and moral complexity. Although deep reading does not, strictly speaking, require a conventional book, the limits of the printed page are uniquely helpful to the deep reading experience. A books lack of hyperlinks (超链接), for example, frees the reader from making decisions—should I click on this link or not—allowing her to remain fully absorbed in the story.

That immersion is supported by the way the brain handles language rich in detail, indirect reference and figures of speech: by creating a mental representation that draws on the same brain regions that would be active if the scene were unfolding in real life. The emotional situations and moral dilemmas that are the material of literature are also vigorous (有活力的) exercise for the brain, driving us inside the heads of fictional characters and even, studies suggest, increasing our real-life capacity (能力) for recognition.

None of this is likely to happen when were browsing through a website. Although we call the activity by the same name, the deep reading of books and the information-driven reading we do on the Web are very different, both in the experience they produce and in the capacity they develop. A growing body of evidence suggests that online reading may be less satisfying, even for the “digital natives” to whom it is so familiar. Researchers reported that 39% of children and teens read daily using electronic devices, but only 28% read printed materials every day. Those who only read onscreen were three times less likely to say they enjoy reading very much and tell which book they like best. The study also found that young people who read daily only onscreen were nearly twice less likely to be above-average readers than those who read daily in print or both in print and onscreen.

All in all, the disappearance of deep reading would harm the intellectual and emotional development of generations growing up online, as well as the preservation of a critical part of our culture: the novels, poems and other kinds of literature that can be appreciated only by readers whose brains have been trained to understand them.

Passage outlineSupporting details

The present situation about deep reading

● As we are reading more on the Web, deep reading has a tendency to (51) _________ .

● Like a historic building or a significant work of art, deep reading (52) _________ our preservation.

(53) _________ of deep reading

● Deep reading (54) _________ complex emotional and moral experiences.

● Deep reading usually (55) _________ from printed materials.

● Deep reading helps train a readers brain and make it more (56) _________ .

● Compared with online reading, deep reading can bring readers more (57) _________.

● Deep reading makes a bigger (58) _________ in increasing readersreading ability.


● Without deep reading, generations in this digital world cant develop well in emotion and (59) _________ .

● Without deep reading, people may be (60) _________ to appreciate literature.



A short video titled What Is Peiqi moves the public throughout China. Originally aimed at promoting a film, it told an interesting and  humorous story where a grandfather managed to make a toy Peiqi for his grandchild despite the fact that he didnt know Peiqi at all. He expected his sons family to come home with the Spring Festival approaching. In the video, Peiqi is more than Peppa Pig. It implies the aged parentslongings.

In a dormitory

Student A: I heard that you wouldnt go home in the coming Spring Festival. Really?

Student B: Thats true. I have to prepare for my tuition. It is easy to find a high-paid job at this time.

Student A: But your parents will miss you.

Student B: I know. But we can chat online. It is very convenient. Besides, the journey is too crowded and costs much money.

Student A: Maybe you are right.


1. 用约 30个单词概述上述信息的主要内容;

2. 结合上述信息,简要分析目前人们回家过春节的意愿变化的原因: (不少于两点)

3. 结合自己的例子,谈谈人们是否应该回家过春节?说明原因。


1. 写作过程中不能直接引用原文语句;

2. 文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称;

3. 不必写标题。

【评分标准】 内容完整,语言规范,语篇连贯,词数适当。


一、1—5 BCCAD 6—10 ABCDB 11—15 ABACC

二、16—20 BACDC 21—25 CABCD26—30 DBCAD 31—35 ABCBA

三、36—37 CD 38—41CCDA 42—44 CBD45—50 DDCACB

四、51. disappear 52. deserves / needs / requires / wants 53. Features / Characteristics

54. involves / produces 55. arises / results / comes 56. active / vigorous / capable

57. satisfaction / joy / pleasure 58. difference 59. intelligence 60. unable

五、One possible version:

The Spring Festival is a traditional time for family members to celebrate together. But in modern society, people have more choices like travelling and even making money besides going home. (30 words)

Quite a few things give rise to the phenomenon. On one hand, the Internet makes it very convenient for children to keep in touch with their parents, so the Spring Festival is not as important as it was in terms of reunion. On the other hand, high living expenses put great pressure on some people. So it seems quite worthwhile earning a high income during this period. Also, the crowded journey and expensive tickets make people reluctant to go home.

Personally, the Spring Festival is more than a vocation but a tradition we must value and pass down from generation to generation. Every time I go home, I will have a heart-to-heart talk with my parents. I also enjoy the ceremony like making jiaozi and appreciating lanterns. (127 words)

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